Thursday 11 March 2010

kurakura habondanma

Hands up if you know what that is!
Cassie over at the Crafty Crow is having a month of crafts from around the world, there have been some great posts already Katy did Luxembourg, and there is Turkey, India, The Netherlands and Italy, I have them all bookmarked for when we get round to studying that part of the world. In between the main posts there are also other crafts from all over the place, go and check it out. So, back to the kurakura habondanma, Ebi-kun was given one of these by the shien centre sensei when he was about 2 years old, we were all mesmerised by it, easy to make, difficult to photograph, I have written up all the instructions, just pop over HERE.


  1. I wish it could be the same here with no car policy! Although we live not far from the elementary school (5mn to 6mn walk) most of the parents drop off their kids. I live not far from the montessori school and let's say that I am probably the only one walking my child. I walk my dog at the same time;)
    Is there any bus for the children who lives far away from school?
    Nice article by the way to learn about the tradition in Japan.

  2. Oh, had a look at the Netherlands' craft thing you linked to - if you want some of the stroopwafels (in one of the pictures) to help you in teaching about this part of the world, let me know. I'll happily send you a pack and am sure you and Ebikun will love 'em!

  3. gigig - re the school bus, I don't think so, you just have to get up earlier!

    machiruda, thank you for the offer, not sure ebi-kun would get a look in LOL.


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