Friday 12 March 2010

Robots on Ice

Of course, you don't have to make robots, anything goes!

What you will need:
  • metal paper clips
  • VERY strong magnet
  • cardboard box, not too thick
  • foil
  • construction paper
  • pens
  • sticky tape/glue

First, prepare your skates
  1. Take a paperclip and bend the outer loop so that it is straight.
  2. At the point shown on the diagram bend the wire at 90༠
  3. The finished skate should look like figure 3, the hooped part is the skate the long stick part will be in the leg.
Now, design your skater, fold the paper double before you start, draw the skater about 10cm tall is good. I found it easier to stick the two pieces of paper together before cutting out, don't put glue on the legs area though.
So, cut out your skater and add the skates, the long piece of wire that you bent at 90༠ needs to be stuck between the the front and back pieces of leg, we used double sided tape to hold the skates in place and then the legs stuck together too.
To make the ice rink, glue a piece of foil onto your box. Pop your skater on the rink the hold the magnet in your hand and put it inside the box, use the magnet to make the skater skate!
Later, ebi-kun found a drinking straw and turned his skating robot into a skating ice-hockey player, a button as a puck.
The men of the house came down with 'man flu' at the weekend and of course they very generously passed it onto me, no chance of me throwing a sickie though :o(
The postman did bring a couple of nice surprises though, two of the fabric swap packages arrived with some great goodies inside, I will share with you when they all arrive.

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