Monday 1 March 2010

Olympics and North America

I was planning on doing Europe next but with the Olympics being on it seemed more sensible to make a start on North America. For the Olympics I used google to find some worksheets, colouring pages, mazes and dot to dots and made up a workbook. We have been practising our winter sports on the wii fit and I made an Olympic flag MTD.
Blue - blueberry yoghurt (yes, I know it looks more of a purple!)
Yellow - omlette
Black - black sesame spread on whole wheat crackers
Green - cucumber
Red - parma ham and tomatoes

Ebi-kun is a really S-L-O-W eater, he likes his food, it just takes him forever and a day to eat it, he does eat a bit quicker if I put it in muffin tin liners for some strange reason!

We also got the North America map out, in the playgroup we have quite a few members from America and Canada so I printed out little pictures of them then found where they were from and stuck them to the map. Ebi-kun was also excited to find the Dominican Republic because that is where my brothers girlfriend is from and Haiti because he had seen the news about the earthquake. He was far more interested in the places where he could make some kind of connection to.


  1. I love your meal! Its so healthy and cute!

  2. Oooh, I love the color splash this created! This is all quite lovely. :)

  3. it looks great. black sesame spread sounds intriguing!

  4. What wonderful foods! I would want to savor them too.

  5. Love the olympics theme. Great tin, you came up with some yummy choices for each color!

  6. i love your tin. great idea to do the olimpic flag


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