Tuesday 2 March 2010

Sewing for me part 1

I don't often sew things for myself, it is usually a present or something for the shop but I have been quite busy self indulging recently. Remember the cosy slipper tutorial? Well the felt I used was cheap acrylic felt, looked pretty but didn't last well. So, I decided to make another pair, this time I used this super cute linen/cotton blend for the outside and polar fleece for the inside and thick felt again for the soles. Let's see how long it takes me to wreck this pair! At least they are quick to make, maybe I should make a different pair for each day of the week!


  1. Hmm I wonder if there is a way to sandwich flax seeds in the sole so that I can heat my slippers in the microwave and get my tootsies cozy. Probably may not want to walk around in them but while I'm sitting reading etc I could sure be toasty warm!

  2. patty - that sounds like a lovely idea, although I'm not sure how the paint on the bottom would hold up!

  3. well now I saw the other day a non skid fabric for the bottom of the kids pajama feet. it maybe be the thing for these slippers/ thanks for your kindness and tuttorial.
    qw (quilt whisperer)


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