Tuesday 2 March 2010

Sewing for me part 2

I had Design-It-Yourself Clothes by Cal Patch for Christmas and I am loving it! I have had so many clothes sewing disasters that it just isn't funny but this book is different, very different. Cal Takes you through, step by step starting off with taking all your measurements and then guiding you so that you draft your own patterns from your own measurements, it is a genius idea! No more faffing around trying to get a store bought pattern to fit (nevermind all the sewing lingo to fatham out). So far I have made the A line skirt, I am not much of a skirt wearer but thought I should start at the beginning. Then I tried my hand at the basic T, so far so good :o)
So at the weekend I thought I would try the Gertie dress, I had bought some ¥100 bargain jersey to use as a muslin, it was a bargain because there were some small faults in the fabric, I just made sure I missed them when I cut it out. It was supposed to have a ruffle at the bottom of the dress but when I tried it on, I decided it was already a good length, so I didn't bother.
Instead of hemming the neckline, sleeves and bottom I used the ruffle idea that I saw on Make It and Love it. I love how it turned out and for about ¥200 for a new dress one can't complain! The only problem I had was when I was starting off on a new seam the fabric would often get jammed in the feed dogs, I haven't sewn much with this type of fabric, so if you have any advice, fire away. I did find using the lightning bolt stitch was much easier that the zig-zag and yes, I used a knit (ball point? is that what it is called in English?) needle.
I am now working on drafting the basic shirt design, I feel like if I can master this I can manage anything, must admit the collar is scaring me a little! If you want to get into making your own clothes I highly recommend this book, it is simple to follow and written with a sense of humour. There are plenty of diagrams to follow and reasons for doing certain things, such as squaring the corners are all explained. You do, however need to have some sewing experience, the book explains really well how to draft the pattern but the sewing instructions assume you have some sewing experience.

Arm update - went to the doctor again today, he looked at it and said he need to have some rehab treatment so he had some kind of heat treatment and electric massage, I am supposed to take him back every day for a week!

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  1. Oh this is lovely! I am really wanting to get this book, thanks for the review!

    P.S. LOVE the collar!


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