Tuesday 13 April 2010

My First Day At Yochien....

At 7.53 I got on the bus and sat near the back, behind Mana-chan.
When we got to the yochien we got off the bus and went to the classroom. I said hello to the sensei, rabbit and goldfish. Next I took off my coat and bag and put them away.

Then I played with my friend. We played bowling and cars. After playing we sang some songs, one was called 'tulip'.
Then sensei read the book 'the giant turnip' and we sang some more songs and had a toilet break.
Then I played some more with my friend and the car and we had another toilet break and then I played walking football with my friend.
Then it was nearly home time so we had another toilet break. I put on my coat and bag and raincoat and changed out of my slippers.
I said goodbye to the sensei, rabbit and goldfish. The rabbits name s choco-chan.
Then we got on the bus and went home. This time I sat in the middle.
My first day at yochien was FUN

All went well, when he got home he was 'starving' so we had lunch first then he told me all about it, I wrote down his story in a little handmade book then he illustrated it.


  1. I've been reading your posts about preparing & going to yochien and I'm glad Ebi-kun's enjoying it so! Love the green hat! So cute!

  2. Glad to hear it all went well.
    Love that goldfish picture!

  3. I love the journal and the wonderful picture. The kids are always great! I can image how happy you are.

  4. That is wonderful -- so happy that he was able to use the toilet often! ;) His drawing is great!

  5. Oh it is me again! I just can't help leaving comments again.

    I bet Ebikun will enjoy reading about his first day at school again one day.

    His green hat and froggy gumboots are cute!


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