Wednesday 21 April 2010

A explosive afternoon....

Exploding Volcanoes

Due to current news topic of volcanoes, Ebi-kun asked if we could do the volcano experiment again and since it was a lovely sunny day we decided to do it outside.

We used some clay that we got from the yochien to build the volcano, it was built around a small plastic cup and decorated with a few trees and brave animals. Inside the cup I put in a couple of teaspoons of baking powder and some food colour then to make the eruption start Ebi-kun poured in some vinegar.
I am not sure my Auntie Jill and Uncle Colin would appreciate this since they are currently stuck in Hong Kong and...

My uncle Simon and his girlfriend are stuck in Spain (but I think they decided to head back overland) and then there is my cousin Steve who is stuck in Egypt on a rig until the next crew get there.... oh dear!

But in our corner of the world it was pure explosive fun and yes, we had to do it again and again until we ran out of vinegar!

I have also made up a PDF file with a set of volcano 3 part cards, the file has fully labelled cards, black and white cards for the kids to colour themselves, definition cards, volcano fact cards, a diagram to label and instructions on how to make the volcano, if you are interested you can get the file from here.

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  1. This activity is always a winner! I've seen several families have a go at it in the light of the icelandic volcano events - maybe there will be a bicarb and vinegar shortage alongside the exotic fruit shortage!!


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