Thursday 22 April 2010

Working on landforms....

As well as making the volcano we also worked on land forms. We don't have a set of land forms made up, I prefer for him to make them each time, I think it adds an extra element in the learning process. First he worked with the three part cards and I was surprised that he actually got them all right first time, it has been quite a while since we have had these out.
 He decided to make an island and lake and we got out the plastic animals for added fun. Yes, that is a duck-billed platypus  and shark and a octopus in the water.
 Then in the lake there is a crab and sting-ray! This led to a conversation about the difference of freshwater and salt water and which animals live where.
 The clay was really good to work with, there was definitely a sensory experience going on there too but it did get gunked up in all the animals and trees so then it was time for a bit of PL as he scrubbed them all  clean.

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