Thursday 20 May 2010

can you do me a favour?

I have just finished unbreaking my website, I ended up doing quite a bit of tinkering, bit like cleaning the fridge, you know, you start be wiping up a bit of spilt juice and the next thing you know you have defrosted and cleaned the whole thing!
Anyhoo...if you could take a look around here and let me know if you spot anything odd or links not working properly or just come back and flatter me, that would be really lovely.
Cheers! off for a large mug of tea before heading to the post office....


  1. Hey, just going through and spotted these little typos

    under Knights and castles 3 part cards

    "I also includes a poem"

    under Continent 3 part cards, maps and CD covers

    "For the 3 -part cars,"

    starting from the snow child pattern you have "for person use only"

    I`ll go back through in a little while, munchkin is getting a bit fussy and needs a nap

    So far haven`t come across any broken links, its looking great!

  2. I just checked out the homepage and it looked as good as I would expect it to. The only thing I would comment on is the pricing. Because the world is an internet one I now find it very frustrating to work out how much things are.... basically because I am not an American! I presume the prices are in American dollars? Is there anyway to put a Japanese equivalent beside the prices? I don't know how you work it with the exchange rate... just a thought!

  3. That's great! If you could write "coming soon" on the first page instead of writing it inside (math shop), It would be even better. Good job!

  4. HI, thank you for your postcard, we received it yesterday (post card swap).

    Lou x (Crediton,Devon UK)


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