Wednesday 19 May 2010

Tray Cushion - tutorial

Since I knew that we were going to be stuck in the car for a long time on our recent trip to Kitakami I tried to make Ebi-kuns little space as comfortable as possible and decided that what he really needed was a tray cushion. We had a tray and a cushion knocking around so here is how I did it, it is super easy!

What you need:
  • A tray that you can drill holes through
  • a cushion, mine was a mogu cushion, it is filled with tiny beads which makes it very squishy and easily molds to the shape you want it to be.
  • long needle
  • strong thread
  • drill and 3mm drill bit (well that is what I used it, as long as the needle goes through the hole the size isn't that important)
  • sandpaper
Before you start, check that the cushion fits well under the tray, if your cushion is a bit on the small side you might want to drill the holes closer to the centre. So, drill 2 holes in each corner of the tray, the holes should be about 1cm apart, sand the rough edges.
When it is finished it should look like this.
Next, simply tie a knot in the end of your thread and then sew the tray to the cushion, securing it in each corner. That's it you are done! Pop it in the car for next time you have a long road trip, you don't have to use it in the car of course, it would be just as handy for someone sick in bed or to have all your crafty bits on whilst you are sat in front of the TV.

This cushion is a bit big but at least he will grow into it LOL. I like that the tray has sides since he was playing with cars and the such like on it, meant that they didn't roll away.


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