Wednesday 26 May 2010

It's a good job they come washable.....

This is one of my mom's favourite quotes and she is talking about kids, she also says that the amount of dirt on a child is equal to the amount of fun they had. If that is the case Ebi-kun must have had a whale of a time at yochien yesterday, he came home black.
So, Sunday and Monday it poured down all day, yesterday was fine and the kids got to play in the big sandpit, they have wheelbarrows and proper spades making it quite physical play. Apparently Ebi-kun build an onsen (hot spring) with the black sand and then relaxed in the water, that explains a thing or two, shame the sensei didn't hose them all down at the end of the day LOL.

Other snippets of yochien....
If it is not raining we have to do exercises - (sounds like stretching exercises) and run round the green track marked in the yard about 31 times. All the sensei's run too apart from the head sensei, he stands by the side and high fives all the kids as they go past.
About painting
When we do painting with sumi, not ika sumi* painting sumi I have to stick my bum in the air.
*sumi is the black ink used in Japanese calligraphy, ika sumi is squid ink. and I still have no idea why he needs his bum in the air!

Tomorrow we have a yochien trip to the park, heaven only knows what that will entail but I do have to make a bento, need some bento inspiration...


  1. Bento inspiration: have you come across ?

    Best wishes,

  2. Painting with his bum in the air???

    Sounds like he is loving it !

  3. okay- just wanted to say that since reading this post- I've used that saying twice now. It's a much more positive take on kids getting messy when you want them to stay clean :)


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