Friday 21 May 2010


I made my first treasury, whoop, whoop.... go on, have a look.... here


  1. You made all of that?? So talented!
    How did you start getting into hand-making things? Is it a hard/expensive process?

    -Jessica (Yonezawa city)

  2. Hi Jessica,
    I have always made 'stuff' there was a point when I was travelling when i didn't make as such, instead my creative outlet was writing and photography.
    Expensive? can be :o) it is an addiction that you have to feed LOL.
    My cupboards are full of stuff, stuff that I buy because, well, it might come in useful one day, I suppose it depends which creative route you decide to take. I used to use the cheap acrylic felt from the ¥100 store but it doesn't hold up and if it is a toy it gets bobbles all over it. It still use it when I am making prototypes but for items I want to give or sell I pay that bit more and use better quality felt. The ¥100 shop is a great place to pick up bits to try, they sell everything! I got some polymor clay there to play with, just to see if it was my kind of thing, if it is then I will get the better quality stuff next time :o)


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