Monday 24 May 2010

Salt Chalk Painting.....

We did some arty experimentation the other day, what we did was to pour some salt into a small tub then took a piece of chalk and ground it into the chalk until it changed colour, then we sprinkled the salt onto the road and sprayed it with water. The colours were far more vibrant than usual and with the salt it had a crystallised appearance. 

 He then drew onto the salt with some more chalk, which dissolved and made some great new colours. When we checked it the next morning it had gone rock hard (and I started to wonder if it would in fact wash away, luckily it did!) It would be a fun way to introduce colour mixing and I am sure we will be doing it again.
Ebi-kun had his first sleep over on Saturday, he went to stay at his best mates house, along with another 7 kids, they had a BBQ, played with glo-sticks in the dark, stayed up late and watched a DVD and had lots of fun by the sounds of it. Apparently most of the kids didn't get to sleep until midnight and then they were up again at 5.30am! Needless to say Ebi-kun was really tired yesterday. This of course meant that hubby and I had a night out, whoo-hoo, I decided I wanted to go and see a film, since the last time I went to the pictures was when I was 8 months pregnant with Ebi-kun, nearly 5 years ago, it was Star Wars and very loud, Ebi-kun kicked me all the way through it! We had a nice dinner first and a wander around the mall and then went to see Alice in Wonderland at the IMAX in 3D and I really enjoyed it. The only downside was that I had to wear my glasses and the 3D ones, which wasn't too comfortable but the film itself got a thumbs up from me.

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  1. What fun! I found it interesting that you picked Alice in Wonderland to watch. I find that now my tastes are skewed towards kiddie stuff all the time! I went to a book market yesterday, all by myself, and all I could look at were - children's books!


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