Saturday 8 May 2010

WIN - Crafty Goodies

First, I must thank everyone for all their help and support of the new blog, I woke up this morning and was amazed that I had had almost 800 hits from 47 countries just in one day - amazing! So thank you for helping spread the word, it is much appreciated.
I also got up to loads of emails so if you did mail me, please be patient as I wade through them all :o)

As this blog is such a jumble of things I thought each giveaway should have some kind of theme based on what I usually post about, as you well know, I am a crafty kinda chick so today's giveaway is an envelope full of crafty bits to do with as you wish!

To get you hands on the goodies, just leave a message on THIS post telling me about a crafting disaster you have had or an amusing crafty related story.

IMPORTANT - you must leave an email contact address with your comment. The winner be be selected Saturday May 15th at 8.00am Japan time.

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  1. Oh golly, where to about the shirt I refashioned that ended up like a cut-off pirate shirt? Oooh, the doll with no neck or discernable body shape...or the time I crocheted a baby booty the night my friend taught me to crochet, and forgot how to make another by the next night... :)


  2. My husband and I decided to reupholster some chairs we found on craigslist. We spent so much money trying to find something that worked (much more than we spent on the chairs) and they are still falling apart. Oh well, lesson learned.

  3. ah! I forgot my email: claireelarson at gmail

  4. I'll share two of the most memorable, one with a happy ending and one without (there are other more recent ones but these are two pretty "famous" incidents).

    When my brother and I were around 10 and 8 we figured out that you could use flour and water for papier-mâché (instead of the fancy paste stuff we used in school). So we spent ages constructing our papier-mâché things (we were planning on pinatas). I guess we put everything on too thick because instead of drying it got moldy!!

    Another one borne out of school art class enthusiasm was making dolls out of old pantyhose. I decided to make an angel for our Christmas tree except instead of the beautiful angel I envisioned, she turned out more like Mother Theresa! The funny thing is that my mum insists on using my "angel" every year!


  5. How about the skirt I'm wearing right now? It started falling off me when I was wearing it earlier. During naptime, I added two 2" darts in front and another two in back. Now it fits fine after losing 8" in the waist! I really did measure myself and I haven't lost weight!

  6. I have had my share of crafting disasters. I usually just dive in and start something adn figure it out as I go. I recently made a doll for my daughter and when I turned the body rightside out, I had sewn the arms inside the body.

  7. I just posted about my latest crafting mishap . . . buttons bleeding onto the bodice of a flower girl dress I'm making for my daughter. ACK!


  8. Leaving out all my sewing stuff on the table while nursing my then baby - my almost 3 year old was playing - do I need to say anymore?

    Thanks for the chance at this giveaway!

  9. Well, my biggest and most common disaster has to be getting all excited and inspired about making something, buying all materials and then never actually starting the project. Or with knitting which I do actually manage to start but most often run out of wool and then can never find the same wool to finish the job. I have a pair of legwarmers that I knitted 3 years ago for my SIL and I only need 10 more rows to finish. Do you think I can find matching wool? No, and I am too stubborn or lazy to just make do with a similar wool and finish it. Problem is now I can never knit around husbands family for fear that someone will ask about those legwarmers. As for sewing, with hand sewing I always end up sewing the craft to what ever I am wearing at the time lol.

  10. I was doing some craft with my then little girl (about 2 years ago) and I couldn't find the paste so used some super glue to stick googly eyes...and superglued my thumb and index finger together. A few hours later, after searching ineffectively through the house, I had to call a friend to borrow some nail polish remover. I was a little embarrassed but thankful she was able to oblige. :-)


  11. Hmm. Possibly when I tried to crochet an amigurumi without a pattern and ended up with a seven legged white squid with a bright red tongue as long as it's body, and a brown afro. My daughter likes to roll the tongue up and stuff it in its mouth, then have it spit it all out - 'blarrrrr'.

    katharos at that place - ""

  12. I tried to make a necklace and forgot to tie the end and the beads flew everywhere. Susan

  13. Crafting disaster: I'm a polymer clay artist - back when I was starting out there were things I just didn't know. I spent days sculpting a head for a nearly life-sized boy toddler doll - a gift for my niece. He was beautiful. He put us both to mind of her little boy, which was kind of the idea. So, one afternoon he was finally ready to be cured. I popped him into the oven and it so happened that his "time was up," just as my husband came in through the back door. I hollered for him to turn off the oven and take out the tray.

    He said, "You didn't want it to explode, did you?"

    I didn't know styrofoam is NOT an acceptable armature for anything which will be heat cured!

    I did eventually work myself up to make another - this time with a foil armature!

  14. ooh. recently i wanted to spin a 2-ply yarn that was red, white, and blue. i dyed one bit of wool red and blue and rinsed it very carefully to be sure that the colors would not bleed. i spun it as thin as i could. then i spun a bit of undyed wool to ply with the red and blue. it looked great together.

    when i went to set the twist, the red bled onto the white and ruined my whole pretty skein. can't bear to throw it away, so it's sitting on a shelf right now. :(

  15. Once I cut a very beautiful fabric to sew an apron for my son, just to figure out that I don't have enough fabric...:)
    Thanks for you generosity!
    Miri samjerus[at]

  16. years ago my friend and I made some doll clothes for a Christmas giveaway - we were given the dolls and were to clothe them - we made our clothes without patterns or really any idea of what we were doing. our dolls looked like Laura Ingalls when she dressed up as a begger the others looked like master sewers had fashioned their dresses - it was mighty humbling.

  17. Don't all craft mishaps involve glue, sticky fingers, and a badly placed containers of paint?

    Mine was actually turning my back on my kid. I had been working on a sampler for months and he had noticed the scissors. He took them to the sampler. It now has a series of small holes all over it. Mom loves that we "made" something together!

  18. Well I was making a deer costume and didn't have any suitable brown fabric to make the antlers, so I thought I'd make do with some bright pink thick stuff from an old shirt, kind of like flannel but thicker. I figured I could paint with some fabric paint. So I spent a nice couple of hours making it (handsewing of course), and then attaching it to a hairband. Check one: the weight of the stuffed antlers causes them to fall. No problem. Unpick seams and this time fashion a headband kind of thing - like tennis players wear to keep the sweat of. More sewing and unpicking till they are at the right angle and position. Try: still falling, this time just floppy. Sew some more brown ribbon in between, going over the head, to keep them in place. Finally all done. So now I had just about 12 hours before the dress was to be worn, and abandoning the dress itself, I thought I'd paint it first so it dries out overnight. Only, even after one full bottle, it just wouldn't take! The paint was probably too thick to enter all the valleys of the fabric, remaining on the peak. In desperation I tried black and more brown over it till the result was a total mess. Totally unwearable. Of course after that I still had to finish the dress, and then sculpt some antlers from thermocol which I covered in painters tape and painted - so it was an all night job, but at least this worked!

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