Monday 17 May 2010

A weekend of footie...

Saturday morning Ebi-kun had yochien (twice a month he goes on a Saturday), we gave him the option on whether he wanted to go or not since he had football practice in the afternoon, he chose to go. It was quite odd for me and hubby, not having Ebi-kun around, so we went to do the shopping, had a lovely coffee by ourselves first and managed to get round the supermarket in record time! After lunch we went to footie practice, it is about 40 minute drive and I don't usually go but the weather was lovely and I had some hand sewing to do so I went to enjoy the weather too. The coach is a friend of ours and he does the practice all in English, Ebi-kun loves it!

 Then Sunday we went to watch Omiya play, Dave (the coach) and his family came too, since the boys have started football together they have become best mates, Ebi-kun first met A-kun when he was 6 weeks old, so they have always known each other but it is only recently that they have decided that they are mates.
A-kun is also quite an arty/crafty kid and he has made 'flags' for himself and Ebi-kun to use at the match, so cute! The matches here are very family orientated, there were loads of kids and women too and whereas back home there is a big police presence, I counted 8 police officers. Dave, who is a fellow Brit and I were talking about the difference between Everton and Omiya, he was saying that the last match he went to, the fans were shouting abuse at their own players, nevermind the opposition. Then my husband told me that if you shout abuse at the players here you get booted out of the match (presumably by the 8 police officers) and black listed! I am not much of a footie fan but it is fun to go along once in a while, it is a good atmosphere and they sell beer in the stadium too LOL.
The kids also got to meet the mascot, yes, it's a squirrel there is another difference, I can't imagine an English club with a cute fluffy animal as a mascot, maybe there is, I am not really up on my footie mascots. There are also two Japanese teams that play in pink, something that would never happen back home :o)
so it was a fun weekend and good to have some downtime.


  1. Sounds like a beautiful and FUN weekend!! LOVE the hat!! Not sure how I found your blog...but super happy I did! Checking out your shop for Japanese fabrics...your selection is yummy!!! :D Have a beautiful day!!

  2. О, у нас тоже под футбол подстраивается всё расписание выходного дня.


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