Tuesday 22 June 2010

gifts from yochien...

It seems like every week Ebi-kun comes home with something he has made at yochien, I never know what I will find in his bag next.
This is his wood sculpture after they went to work in the wood work room, from what I gather the aim was to bang nails into chunks of wood. 
 and this was for boys day, it's a koi fish flag
 and this....is a clock, apparently, the yochien asks that the children take in boxes, tubs etc. which is great becuase it empties out recycling box but then it comes back 3 fold and all taped together :o)
 The other thing that has been coming home are little letters 
that are passed between his friends, so cute!
I also discovered that he planted rice a couple of weeks ago and he often brings a cucumber or other vegetable from the garden, he doesn't tell me things when he comes home, it often comes out a couple of weeks later.


  1. Ebi kun makes the NEATEST things at school! Maybe I can use some of the ideas for summer activities for my 4 kids! :)

    I love your blog! I typically do not comment a whole lot, but I wanted to speak up and let you know that I am here! :)

  2. ah! The not telling.... yes it's like that here (and M has been in nursery/reception for almost 2 years so it's not that it's something new). Her typical response to a query about what she's done today is "Oh, I can't remember" even though it's clear she's had a good day (bouncing home). And then stories will seep out, but working out whether they are stories of what actually happened or simply stories from her head... well that's another matter!


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