Monday 21 June 2010

Mozzarella round two...

We often have pizza at the weekend, it is easy to throw together and during the week we don't get to eat dinner together as a family, pizza is a good relaxed meal. I make two and try a different topping on each. So, yesterday I tried to make mozzarella again and it worked! probably because I got the quantities right this time, it was super easy and will be making it again, if you are interested in starting cheese making, I recommend the Urban Cheese Craft kits.

so here is totally home made pizza, with the roasted tomato base from the Montessori school, fresh mozzarella and mini tomatoes from the farmers market. Oh, sooo good. 


  1. wow. That looks amazing!

    And fresh mozzarella? yummmm! Do you cook it on a pizza stone?

  2. This looks delicious... I think we will have to make our own pizza today after looking at your picture.



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