Wednesday 2 June 2010

Sensei's visit....

We had Ebi-kun's sensei visit today, just a routine thing. Apparently the meeting usually takes place in the genkan (the small room between the front door and the rest of the house, entrance way) but we were out in the garden, I had the camping chairs out so we invited her round to the garden instead - I am not sure if this is the done thing, too late now! Ebi-kun had been bubble painting and had got the playdoh out along with his animals and was making some kind of habitat, he was chuffed to have sensei there.
My neighbour who speaks English came across to help translate, we were a bit worried about Ebi-kuns language skills, sensei said there were some everyday words he didn't know when he started but he has got the hang of it now.
I have had a number of emails asking how Ebi-kun is doing and whether he is bored, well, he comes home everyday happy and says that he had fun. The main reason we put him in yochien was to have the social side and to learn the ins and outs of the school system, something I can't teach him. He is loving having his posse of friends and all the physical exercise he is getting, he plays football everyday, unless it is raining. I have noticed when he comes home that he is drawn more to reading and writing, he sat and did about 15 pages of a puzzle book yesterday.
All in all I am happy with the situation, I plan to sort out the spare room/Montessori room, rearrange it a bit and get some new things on the shelf, the whole room is a scary chaotic mess at the moment, it is next on my list of things to do! I don't expect him to choose work everyday but I would like the shelves to have some interesting work available for when he does want to do some.

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