Wednesday 4 August 2010

Big balls and bugs....

We went to Shinrin Koen on Sunday, it is a lovely big park with loads of things to do our aim was for the paddling pool. It was way too hot for me and although I was under the trees in the shade I just felt sick and forgot to take any photos of the paddling. On our way out we spotted the field with these giant balls, of course we had to have a go...
 We only managed to stick it out for about 5 minutes, it was too hot to be running around in the sun and I didn't fancy ending up as another of the statistics, 94 dead due to the heat so far in Japan. At the exit they had a big bug exhibit set up, it was mostly beetles, I still haven't got my head around the whole beetle obsession here, beetles as pets? Really? Just get a goldfish!
These big bugs were dead, I was surprised at the size of the stick insect, I had no idea that they can grow that big, amazing. Ebi-kun said he wouldn't like to find on of them in his pants lol. his sense of humour is really developing now although some of his 'jokes' make no sense at all.
Feels like it is going to be another hot one, 8.30am and I have sweat dripping off me, I feel like climbing into the fridge and hibernating until autumn comes around.


  1. THis looks like fun. Do you know how far it is from Tokyo? I wish it was autumn as well. Someone told me today it stays hot through September and some of OCtober. Yuck!

  2. I suppose it depends where in Tokyo you are!
    here is the web page
    it is a massive park and you can easily stay all day, I would recommend going when it cool downs a bit, which yes, will be October!


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