Tuesday 3 August 2010

Excited and nervous....

A while ago I blogged about the Montessori Farm I had discovered well one thing led to another and Yasuyo decided to set up a class similar to her monthly class but all in English. I mentioned it to the bilingual playgroup friends thinking that one or two families might be interested but it turned out quite a few more were so we have set up some trial days and Yasuyo asked me to assist her on the days that Ebi-kun joins the class. Which is why I am excited and nervous since I have only ever done Montessori activities with Ebi-kun before but it should be fun working in a classroom.
Obviously once a month is hardly a true Montessori experience but the idea is to introduce the materials to the children and give the parents ideas on how to make their home set up easier for the child to become independent. For the English class, everything will be done in English and there will be an emphasis on the language materials, with the school schedules being so busy in Japan it is difficult to maintain the kids English levels and so the parents are happy to have an 'intense' once a month class and hopefully it will help the parents with ideas on how to help their kids with reading and writing without forcing them to do workbooks.
Although Montessori kindys are not that common in Japan there are 2 in Urawa that some of the playgroup kids attend so they are not all new to Montessori, it should be interesting to see how it all goes.

Now, if you happen to live near Kawaguchi, you have English speaking children and would like to join a class, we have a trial class Saturday 7th August and Saturday 11th September that still has spaces, drop me (montessori.swapshop'atmark'gmail.com) or Yasuyo (genzaemon-terakoya(atmark)hotmail.co.jp) a line, if you want to do the class in Japanese then contact Yasuyo directly for the Japanese class dates.


  1. wow, sounds very exciting. I am sure you will do superbly well. :-)

  2. You will be just great!!! I am happy for you having this experience...:)

  3. What a great opportunity. Have fun.

  4. Hi, just wanted to let you know that I've left you some blog awards on my blog.


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