Tuesday 14 September 2010

and after the farm...

We all went round to Megumi's house, the lads all played street hockey, it is the first time Ebi-kun has played and he loved it. I used to play field hockey, it was the only team sport I was any good at, at school it was always netball which I hated and rounders which I wasn't particularly good at either. When I got to high school and I discovered hockey, I was hooked. Anyway, that is by the by, the kids and dads played outside whilst the moms kicked back and relaxed a bit.

 We also had a BBQ and quite possibly the best chicken I have even eaten, it was sooo good. The kids all had a great time but by 7.00pm we had a lot of very tired little people on our hands. Ebi-kun fell asleep in the car so we just dumped him in bed then I had to give him a shower in the morning before yochien. A long but extremely fun day!

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