Wednesday 15 September 2010

Finger Condoms....

I finished off my first proper quilt on the new machine yesterday, it all came together fairly painlessly and I must say I LOVE free motion quilting. Bunting is obviously a trend at the moment and I have seen a couple of baby quilts like the one at Little Birdie Secrets and a pretty cool life so I decided it would be a nice easy one to start with.
 I know, you are waiting to hear about the finger condoms, well, when you free motion quilt (FMQ) you drop the feed dogs on your machine, they are the bit that usually pulls your fabric through the machine, and because they are not being used you need to move the fabric yourself. When I started I realised that my hands were slipping and there was no way I would be able to do the whole quilt. So I thought I would try a cheap pair of gardening gloves, the ones with the little rubbery dots on the palms and fingers but when I tried some on I thought there is no way I could work with them on, my hands would get too sweaty. Then I brainwave, what about finger condoms? I have no idea what these are really called but they are the little rubber sleeves that people who work in offices and banks wear to help grip paper, and let me tell you something, they are Brilliant. I did get a bit of a case of sweaty finger tips but nothing too disturbing.
 Here is the finished quilt, just realised that you can't really tell in the picture but the binding is pale blue with white polka dots, very cute. It is child sized and I love it! I want to keep it for myself now....
I have another quilt partially pieced that  was making as a second camp quilt but I am not sure if I will get it finished before we go camping later in the month. hmmm.


  1. Looks great Jo! What batting did you use? It looks nice and thin and soft.
    I am in the middle of a quilt now!

  2. Kate, duck, what do you mean what batting? A you trying to make it sound like we are pro-quilters? I have no idea, it was white and quite thin!
    Maybe I need to take quilters batting 101 course lol.

  3. I havent much of a clue either that`s why I asked!! haha
    Love the quilt!

  4. Hah - I wonder what kind of comments you are going to start to get with a title like that! Btw I use old wool blankets as my batting if that's any help - they turn out nice and thin too but very warm :)

  5. Would the name rubber thimbles be more PC! Oh my!!!

  6. rubber thimbles! never thought of that :o)


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