Tuesday 7 September 2010

Fridge magnet stories

I am sure you have seen the fridge magnets with words on them so you can make sentences and poetry, we have a set, I think they were from ELC but I have to say I find the words rather dull and uninspiring. So for Ebi-kuns birthday (yes, I am aware that it is now September and his birthday was July and I have only just got round to posting this!) anyway, we bought some of those printable magnet sheets. They cost about ¥1000 for 2 sheets which is reasonable if you compare what you get for store bought sets. This is an easy project as long as you can use a spread sheet and a printer.

First I set up a spreadsheet, made the cells a nice size, picked the font and placed it in the cells so it sat in the middle, I can't really tell you how I did it because I just played around until I was happy with how it looked. To make the most of the space I set it up in columns, first for 2 and 3 letter words, the next for 4 and 5 letters words and so on. Then I filled in the words making sure I had a good mix of verbs, nouns and adjectives plus and, it, he, she, ing, ed, because, you catch my drift. I also included some new words for Ebi-kun and then names of friends and family - that is where the entertainment factor comes in. I also picked words from themes that he would be interested in, knights, ninjas and space. That is the beauty of this, for princess crazy girls you could easily change the words.

I printed off the two pages and checked them before printing on the magnet sheet. The set we bought included a special sheet to print on and then you stuck it to the magnetic sheet. Once it was all set I cut the magnets out. Simple and a great way to encourage reading and sentence building.

These are the sentences we have on the fridge just now, which is your favourite?


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