Wednesday 8 September 2010

Not Happy....

Ebi-kun is back at yochien but he hasn't  been as genki as usual about it. I figured it was a combination of getting back into the routine and the heat making him tired and run down. Well, Saturday morning (yochien half day) he started crying saying that he didn't want to go on the bus, he said it was too loud and he couldn't talk to his friends. Bit odd, he has never mentioned this before, I told him it was probably because the kids were just back off holiday and excited and now he is on the late bus so the kids are wide awake once they are on the bus. We talked him into going on the bus but said we would pick him up afterwards. So, we pick him up, Sensei says that he has been fine in class but we discover that his best friend was absent all week and not only that he won't be taking the bus anymore. I think this is maybe the root of the problem, I have talked to him about it but he doesn't really say what the problem is. Hopefully once he is back in the swing of things he will be ok about it all again.

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