Thursday 2 September 2010

I've got an idea....

Not me, Ebi-kun. That is what he says when he has one of his plans brewing, this time it was about making a sea picture, I wasn't really following but it involved several layers of paper and some fish.
When he went to get his supplies out he told me that there was no yellow paper left so when I went to ferret around and look for some more I found a packet of pre-cut paper fish, something I had picked up ages ago, I think I had a Montessori counting activity in mind at the time but didn't get round to using them. I also found some green cellophane.
Here he is deciding where to place everything, he was very clear in his own mind about what was going to be placed where in the whole layering of things.
 Then he placed the cellophane over the top but he said it didn't look sea-like so I suggest screwing it up in a ball, that worked a treat.
 Before he glued down the cellophane he decided the fish needed bubbles and disappeared, he came back with the hole punch and added rainbow bubbles to the fish before gluing down the top layer. It turned out really well and it has gone to yochien with his homework.


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