Friday 3 September 2010

Why I ❤ Kokka

If you have had a peek in my shop you will see that a LOT of the fabrics I buy are made by Kokka, I just wanted to explain why. Firstly is is a subconscious thing, when I am shopping I somehow get drawn to the Kokka prints, they are cute, quirky and fun for the kids lines and the other prints are on a whole stunning.

Not only that the quality of the fabric is fantastic, I have made many things from Kokka fabric and I can tell you that it sews like a dream, washes well and holds up well to the riggers of a 5 year old boy.

And if that isn't enough, Kokka have also been certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100 which means they are safe and non-toxic, perfect when you are sewing for little ones.

Ebi-kun will tell you that Kokka have the best prints for boys, and he should know :o)
 And if you don't sew, I know lovely lady who makes the cutest bags from Kokka fabric.

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