Wednesday 8 September 2010

Muffin Tin erm Tuesday....

 I have changed our routine a bit, in an aim to be more efficient with my time. Before Ebi-kun would eat about 5.30pm then I would eat once he was in bed, around 8pm and finally daddy-ebi would eat whenever he rolls in from work. Often I would make Ebi-kun something and the me and hubby would eat something different but now Ebi-kun can wait until 6pm for his dinner I have started eating with him - it is probably better for me too. So now I am just cooking once, daddy-ebi's dinner gets put on one side until he comes home. So far it has been working OK. The downside is that we haven't been having MTD's, depending on what we are having I could just serve Ebi-kun's in a muffin tin and have mine of a plate, anyway, last night we were in the old routine so Ebi-kun got his beloved MTD......
From top left
bread sticks, black bean dip, pumpkin dip, parma ham
marshmallows, red pepper, stinky dried fish, cucumber
mini tomatoes, grapes, okra, sweet potato

If you want to know more about MTD's or join in the fun, pop over to the Muffin Tin Mom.

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