Sunday 10 October 2010


I am not enjoying the new late bus routine, it means that Ebi-kun doesn't leave until 9.00am and gets back at 3.30pm so by the time he has got in, cleaned himself up, sorted out his stuff and had a drink it is 4.00pm which doesn't leave much time to get our teeth into any Montessori activities or a good craft. So we have taken to doing mini crafts and the such like. He wanted to do some painting the other day so I decided to take the opportunity to teaching him about blending. First he did a wash, making the paint paler by adding water...
 Then we tried again but added white to the main colour, he found this trickier and decided in the end that he preferred the wash technique. Now he knows about the technique next time we will try it out on a painting, maybe a nice landscape.
The in-laws are here at the moment, so I am having to sneak my computer time in - not easy since the mac is in the living space, at least Ebi-kun is keeping them entertained and out of mischief. lol.

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  1. What a lovely idea to sit and teach him blending techniques...I love seeing children taking the time to craft...I used to love it as a child!!..And still do!! :-) xx


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