Tuesday 12 October 2010

Invasion of the in-laws....

So, the other day we get a phone call from Baa-chan asking if we had anything planned this weekend, if not they were coming to visit! I looked around at the state of the house and had a mild massive panic attack! House keeping is not at the top of my list of things to do in life whereas it is ranked pretty high on theirs. Panic.
I spent all week, cleaning and tidying and sorting and dusting urghh, at least the house looks respectable for now - if you are planning to visit, I recommend dropping by in the next day or two before it goes to rack and ruin. 

 It is only the second time they have been to visit, it is a long trip from Wakayama to Saitama, 20 mins by car to the train station, 1 hour express train to Shin Osaka, almost 3 hours from there to Tokyo by shinkansen, 30 minutes by shinkansen to Omiya then 25 minutes on the local train to our station and a 10 minute walk to the house. Phew. Their last trip was cancelled due to bird flu or some other pandemic. 
 Saturday night I made a pot of beef stew, Baa-chan is somewhat of a fussy eater so I am not sure she liked it, the whole pot disappeared so it couldn't have been too bad. Ebi-kun was happy to have someone  else to play games with, I think he went through all the games in the draw,  he had chess out and operation and several other board games.
He even had Jii-chan playing golf on the Wii!

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