Tuesday 12 October 2010

A busy Sunday...

Considering Baa-chan and Jii-chan were only here for a couple of days we managed to pack quite a lot in. Saturday, when they arrived the weather was awful and looked like it was set in for the weekend, early Sunday it still wasn't looking great so we decided to go to Kodomo No Shiro so Ebi-kun could have a run about and burn some energy off. Ebi-kun spent about half an hour attempting to leap frog the box, at first he kept falling to one side but slowly he got to grips with it and finally he was flying over.
 We then went for a play in the Lego room, I love this big Lego, we built a castle, a pyramid and finally a friend. There were a set of toddling twins who spied me and decided that they had to keep giving me their blocks, not sure why but it kept them amused.
After a good play we headed to the kaiten sushi, the round and round sushi shop where all the little plates go round on a conveyor belt. The place we went to used to be really good, they had lots of nice dishes for kids and non fish eaters like myself but it has changed ownership and isn't half as good now, everyone had their fill and we had discount tickets so a meal for 5 people set us back ¥700 ($8.50/₤5) not too bad! We left to discover the sun had come out...

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