Thursday 28 October 2010

lots of gifts to sew

For the last couple of years I have joined in with the handmade holidays movement, I do it year round not just for Christmas, I do buy gifts too, my first port of call is always Etsy but some people are notoriously difficult to buy for, you know who I mean, I bet you have one or two in your own family. I no longer beat myself up over trying to find something handmade for them!
I have already made a start on a couple of my Christmas gifts, as I was looking for ideas I ended up compiling a list, I am not going to let on which of these gifts I am going to make but there is definitely a few in there.

I have put them into categories but take it with a pinch of salt, so many of these gifts can be changed just by the fabric you use. If you are needing cute fabric, pop over and see what I have here. If you have any of your own tutorials that you would like to add to the link, pop the link in the comments box and I will add it on.

for the men...

laptop bag
Charles The Plushie
Boxer shorts
remote control pillow
laptop/kindle/ipad sleeve
Spanner case
Whistle lanyard
iphone cover
Draw string pants
Pleated Bag (Purse)
Spa Wrap
Library bag
Sweet Cup Cake Apron
Curling iron cozy
camera lens pouch
ruffled scarf
shoe bag

for the toddlers and babies...

Quiet Book
Mr Seahorse
sweet pea pilot hat
floppy bunny (in Japanese but step by step photos)
Doll flip book
teapot (in Japanese but step by step photos)
baby kimono
One size fits many PJ pants
Soft counting book
Rocket man
kokeshi stuffie
One hour softie

for the kids...

Teeny party turtles
picnic blanket tote
boys back pack
Boys hat
mushroom and owl lunch pack
Lipsie the Pocket Girl Pouch
Kitty coin purse
bunny hat and paw mittens
flat pocket pants
news boy cap
car caddy
play silks
Felt mail bag
Bike bucket
crayon roll
Little lamb pillows
Funny Bunny plushie
Alpha beans
treasure map

for grandparents...

Hidden message heart pillow
hand embroidered pillow
Specs case
bed pocket
Silhouette Cushion
soap buddy (could be for kids too)
drawstring linen tidy
family pillow
magic bag

mom to be...

stroller/messenger bag
Hip diaper bag
portable high chair seat
changing pad and nappy pouch
baby sling

for the pets...

cute collareetes
doggy or kitty bed
cat basket
dog collar
washable pet bed

stocking fillers/emergency gifts (for when you suddenly need to to have something on hand!)

elastic bookmark (no sew but a great stocking filler)
decorative basket
hot pads
Chrysanthemum pillow
Hedgehog pin cushion (or little stuffie)
Felt ball (for kids or pets)
pinwheel coasters

Is that not enough for you?? Try my tutorials page or the 100 fat quarter tutorials round up.


  1. wow, excellent list - just what i needed! thanks! love that they are all links as well and not just ideas that we have to search out ourselves. you're making it very easy for us :)

  2. Oh, thanks for including my laptop sleeve in your list. You've got a great group of projects here.....something for everyone!!

    Have a great day,

  3. What a comprehensive list. i find men the hardest to 'make' for...
    All those links must have taken foever -thankyou.
    (and thanks for including the teeny turtles too)

  4. thank you!
    If people didn't share their great projects I would have nothing to list :o)
    and on the subject of men, sometimes I think they deserve underpants and hankies - they bring it on themselves!!

  5. Thanks so much for including my Treasure Map tutorial and for all the good ideas. I"m now a follower:)

  6. Thanks a ton for including my curling iron cozy!! This is an awesome list!

  7. I stumbled upon your blog from Spoonflower and saw that you linked my felt mail bag cool! Thanks so much. I'm excited to find your blog and am now following!

  8. wow, what a great list! I'll have to take more time to look it over. Thanks so much for including me. :)

  9. Thanks for sharing my tutorial in your round-up. I like that you added a section for men's gifts. That's always the trickiest.


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