Thursday 28 October 2010

What no pumpkins?

It is not easy to find the big pumpkins used for carving here in Japan and when you do manage to stumble across one they are usually expensive. I did have a look around, admittedly I didn't put that much effort into hunting one down but then when I was in the supermarket the other day I thought, why use a pumpkin? So, I threw a daikon (giant white radish) into the basket.
Carving it was a bit tricky, I cut up the inside first then Ebi-kun scooped out the middle and I cut out the face, I don't have carving tools so I just used my little veg knife.
scary daikon!


  1. Love it! Very ghost-like :-)

    We always used to use swedes to make lanterns, and I have used a water melon before now, too!

  2. swedes? where on earth do you get them from, my favourite veg and I have never seen them in Japan.

  3. Growing up in Cornwall we never had pumkins either, but my sister and I tried all kinds of root vegetables! Yup, swedes were a favourite and nope, never seen any in Japan...

  4. And your daikon is great! I might have to try that...

  5. Perfect! Way to improvise! Looks wonderful! Kerri

  6. That's fantastic - it's so ghostlike! When I was little we made them with turnips, which I think are the traditional vegetable for Jack o'lanterns in Britain. Hollowing them out was always a major task - pumpkins are so easy in comparison!

  7. Wow, this looks so cool! I love the ghosty shape. There were some amazing long, tall Daikons at our local farmer's market last week - they'd have worked so great!

  8. thinking about it we used swedes as kids, they were really hard to carve.

    I have a feeling there is a British vs US translation thing going on here, I think a British swede is an American turnip and British turnip is an American rutabaga.


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