Wednesday 27 October 2010

yochien trip...

Yesterday was the yochien trip to Ueno zoo, Ebi-kun was very excited. I must admit, I would rather someone else deal with 100 or so kids in the zoo than do it myself! They are quite strict and the kids all have to hold a friends hand all the time, Ebi-kun was happy because he got to hold K-chan's hand (he has a bit of a thing for her, ahhhh) but he said he would have rather held one of his mates hands LOL.
They had to take a bento and we had to be out of the house early so it was rather thrown together, the picks are cute though! He also had a rice ball with it but I forgot to put that in the picture.
He has the day off today so we are off to town to find daddy a birthday present....


  1. Your bento design is so creative. I love it.

    Can you tell me where you get the cutter for the carrots?

    1. Hi,
      it is a little plastic cutter, came as a pack of 6 with a turnip, plane, car and something else. I think I got them in Loft.


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