Tuesday 30 November 2010

The Autumn Fair and Art Show...

At the weekend it was Ebi-kuns yochien autumn festival and art show, he had the Thursday and Friday off and the following Monday and Tuesday all for a 2 day festival. I was supposed to go and help set up on one day but with three deadlines to finish it wasn't going to happen plus I would have just got really annoyed at the ridiculous amount of faffing around and time wasting. I don't mind going and helping out I do mind wasting all day on something that could be done in an hour, anyway, let's get on with the art show before this turns into a rant against faffers!
Ebi-kuns yochien is big on the art side of things, they have a proper clay room and wood work room, Ebi-kun has used the both but it will be next year when he gets to do sculptures in there for the art show, this one is done by the little girl who lives down the road, it is her mom, dad and baby sister. There is nothing to show the scale but these are big, the dad was about 12" tall.
 All the rooms are used to display the art and each class has their sculptures on display too. This is a vegetable print picture.
 This is my favourite, it is a saichania  they drew onto Styrofoam then printed the image.
 and yes, more dinosaurs, this is his sculpture made with bottles and bits from the recycling box and about 7 rolls of sellotape by the looks of it! It is a Stegosaurus.
 Daddy-ebi studying the art work, this is ripped paper art. They also do a lot of painting on really big pieces of paper, from what I can gather some days they will do some kind of activity, such as a forest walk and then they have to go back and paint it. It appears to be themed but not not cookie cutter art which I know a lot of kindys tend to stick to.
 The artwork was up for 2 days, the Sunday was the autumn fair too - I was on yaki-soba selling duty, there were lots of activities and little stalls set up - I didn't take any pictures but Ebi-kun kun wasn't interested in any of it, he spent the whole time racing round with his bestist mate, it took us about an hour to leave because the monkeys kept running off!

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