Wednesday 1 December 2010

Dinosaur bone digging

I have been mad busy recently which wasn't helped with Ebi-kun having 4 days off yochien due to the art show. Ebi-kun is very much on a dinosaur kick again at the moment, so I printed some worksheets and puzzles, learning page have some great worksheets. I also found a craft activity which was easy to put together. I printed the worksheet out from busybeekids, then I had a box of flour we had used for some other activity so it wasn't suitable to cook with, I smashed up some dried pasta and mixed it into the flour. Then on a baking tray I set up the flour box a couple of small dishes for the 'bones', some tools to help clean the bones and the worksheet and glue.
He had to find the bones and clean them then decide which part of the dinosaur it was from and stick it in place.
look at the concentration on his face!
This activity was great! He spent an hour or so before lunch doing it and the straight after lunch he got back to it.

 It was a bit messy but not too bad since it bought be over two and a half hours of time to get through some work. It would be great  to put the bones in soil and make it an outdoor activity, maybe we will do that next time.
partially built dino skeleton


  1. This is a really great activity!! Thanks for the links too. DJ just started getting back on his dinosaur kick as well. Thank you for sharing.

  2. funny how they go in phases isn't it, he is dino mad at the moment closely followed by knights and samurai's!


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