Monday 22 November 2010

A bit of fabric...

So I went to Nippori on a mission with a big list, not with the intention of buying fabric for the shop but.... I couldn't resist. 
I am not going to list these in the shop until I come back from the UK, seems rather pointless because I will have to close the shop for the time I am away. The patterns section will stay open for an extra week because I can organise that so Mr Ebi only has to write the name and address on the envelope and pop it in the post box, I can't really expect him to start cutting up fabric!
If you are interested in any of the following prints let me know and I will make up a listing for you.
I have noticed that alpaca's are popping up everywhere, I think they might be the next big thing and why not - they are adorable, just like this print which also has a glimmer of glitter to it, very much the in thing on girls prints at the moment.
 This print has quite a retro feel to it, I think it is the colours that gives  it the 70's vibe.
I squealed, yes, actually squealed when I saw this one! So so cute, I can no longer get my favourite hedgehog print but this is a close second. The hedgehogs are tiny, see the next picture for the scale.
See what I mean, I can't imagine this will last long in the shop, not all of it will make it to the shop shelves as it (squirrelled in my stash more like!)
and finally, an oldie but a goodie. This will be the last time I will be stocking this, I could only find it in one store, she only had this colourway left and there was very little left on the bolt so when this is gone, it is gone for good. So, if there is anything you fancy, let me know.
That was it, not too bad, I managed to get all but one thing on my list so it was quite a successful day. I had a little old lady ask me whether the train we were on stopped at Nippori (it didn't) but it seemed quite odd since we were surrounded by Japanese and then later in the supermarket I was asked by a little old man which stew rue I recommended, maybe I look more Japanese than I thought. ha!

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