Monday 22 November 2010

The Dot Game

I introduced Ebi-kun to the dot game at the weekend, he picked it quickly, we did of them together and then I left him to it. He showed daddy how to do it the next day although he had forgotten what to next, once I gave him a hint he was fine.

I think he has got the whole addition thing down, if he can add up several big numbers he is pretty much sorted. We have done some subtraction work but I think we will work on that a bit more next time.

Saturday I went to Nippori (I will say more about that on the next post), Ebi-kun had yochien in the morning but came home feeling tired and a bit under the weather so he didn't go to football, didn't eat much for dinner and went to bed. Around midnight the fun began - vomit, lots of it, luckily it all went in the plastic bin and not over everything, we did have 3 'sessions' urgh. We all got up the next day a bit worse for wear, we bobbed out to run the errands we needed to do and then came back for a nap! Apparently one of the girls in his class had thrown up on the bus that morning so it must be something going around. Looks like one of those 24 hour bugs because he was right and rain this morning - phew!

I have SO much sewing to do and it is only 18 days until we fly!
A sick child, I do not need.

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