Wednesday 15 December 2010

Conwy Castle

We decided to take a drive up to Conwy in North Wales because there is a knight shop there and my mom thought she would get Ebi-kuns Christmas present. It takes about an hour and a half to get there which felt like 17 hours because a certain little person kept asking if we are nearly there yet!
The knight shop was a lot smaller than we expected but I had called ahead to make sure that they had the kids things in stock, Ebi-kun was thrilled to see all the swords and shields and the only thing he asked for was a retractable lance so we bought that for, at three pound you can't complain. Mom managed to get him a shield, sword and helmet and my brother had given her money to get a dress up outfit so we will have a fully fitted out knight come Christmas day.
After the shop we decided to have a look around the castle, my mom and step dad decided spiral staircases were not for them so it was just me and the young knight. Ebi-kun was able to recognise various parts of the castle, he was disappointed that there was no dungeon, the castle was built of rock so they had a prison tower instead - not as impressive to a 5 year old apparently.

Later in the week we are going to Warwick Castle with my best mate, it is one of the best castles in the country, I know someone who is going to be very excited, I hope Di is prepared for all the yomping around we are going to have to do!


  1. You should try Chirk's castle in North Wales- it's massive and it has a dungeon!!

  2. I love Conwy Castle! We've lived in England 5 1/2 years, and we're not far from Conwy (an hour and a half from where we live). It's one of our favorite places to visit (my son is a "knight", too). Chirk Castle has a dungeon, but it's closed this time of year. We haven't made it to Warwick yet just because of the price, but hopefully we will do that at some point. Anyway, have fun!


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