Thursday 16 December 2010

Roll A Snack

I made this last time we flew to the UK and decided to take it again this time because it was a big hit.
I used one of those weekly pill containers, some stickers and a little cube. Stick a different sticker on each section, the spare section is used for the dice storage. Then stick a matching sticker on each side of the cube to make the dice.
 To play, put one snack item in each section, it would be fun to play this with some of those revolting jelly bean flavours! We used almonds, dried fruit, chocolate covered raisins etc. Roll the dice then eat what is inside the matching section, you can't refill the sections until all the snacks have been eaten (this drags the time out because it can take quite a while to get the last one!)
On the plane this is great because it stretches out the snacks, of course you could change the rules or add forfeits to the mix.


  1. I love this game! it can also be used for other things like action and doing games with instructions on what to do next, Love the possibilities!

  2. Oooh! Brilliant!

    Hope you had a safe trip


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