Friday 28 January 2011

bear babby.... tips for writing

Does your child mix up b and d too? Ebi-kun will ask me about 50% of the time which way does b go or d go. He always writes B correctly so I was telling him to think of that and as little b is the same as big B but without the top loop and that works.
Another trick is by using your hands like this...

Give the thumbs up sign then place your knuckles together like this....

the left now looks like a b and the right looks like a d.... 

and together they look like a bed....

Now, whilst we are at it, my cousin taught Ebi-kun how to remember his left and right. I was always taught 'you write with your right' which has been the bane of my life, being ambidextrous this little rhyme just doesn't work for me and I imagine it would be just as bad for a leftie so I have adopted this method too...
Put both hands out and point at the ceiling, then stick your thumbs out at 90 degrees

The one on the left looks like a capital L - simple! as long as your child knows his letters. 

Apparently there is a similar thing using the lines on you palm for remembering the Japanese but I don't remember what it is, Kirsty, if you are reading this please fill me in!


  1. Wow - I've used the L trick all my life being a lefty but that bed one is so good!

  2. Great tips! My son mixes up b and d now (though he didn't initially). I remember that I did too!

  3. I haven't heard the bed one, it is good! As a teacher I use beady eye goggles. Bit like the 'bed' theory but you join your thumbs and first fingers together on each hand making a teardrop shape and point the other fingers up and then touch your joined thumb and fingers together to make a pair of glasses or goggles. B-D "Beady" Eye Goggles.

    If that all makes sense, well done!

  4. I am 36 and still use the L trick. I can't say right or left without pointing my fingers up and my thumbs out. My worst nightmare is someone asking me for directions while I have both hands full. I don't think I could do it!

  5. Great tip! I definitely could use this a little further down the road! Kerri

  6. Megan, the beady eyes trick sounds like a good one too!

    I can't believe how many people knew about the L and R one - how come no one told me until I was 38? lol.


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