Tuesday 18 January 2011

I hate popcorn...

I never used to but I seriously went off it at the weekend when I managed to break a tooth eating it! So it was off to the dentist for me yesterday, I am not a fan of the dentist but I must say the one I have now is really good and much better than any dentist I have been to in the UK. So, the out come is a root canal - blah!

The is also time to sign up for the QLD flood appeal giveaway* AND we also have a 6 month subscription for Montessori For Living as part of the prize now, so come on, sign up here. The master list of all the blogs taking part is here.

I have finally managed to finish all the unpacking, well most of it was unpacked but just left in piles around the house so now the house just looks like it's usual messy self and I am ready to get back into work mode proper, I even managed to stay up until 10.30pm last night - whoo-hoo.

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