Tuesday 18 January 2011

The Montessori Farm - January

Sunday was this months Montessori day, it was a beautifully sunny day but the wind was bitterly cold. We spent most of the morning playing various wide games 'What time is it Mr Wolf', 'Hens and Chicks' the 'Chain Tag game' and a obstacle course which was a lot of fun, we challenged the children to do it backwards (running backwards) to make it more difficult.
Yasuyo also organised a treasure hunt, we split the children into two teams with a couple of children that can read in each team. The kids really enjoyed it but complained it was too easy!
 We ate lunch outside, the kids prepared their own hot dogs and Yasuyo had made a delicious stew - just what we all needed.
After lunch we moved to the Montessori house, many of the kids in this group love dinosaurs so Yasuyo prepared a mural (from learning page) and the children took turns to paint it.
 There were also a pile of dinosaurs that the children coloured in, cut out and labelled.
 Ebi-kun challenged himself with the fractions again but he got stuck again near the end, I think Yasuyo helped him out.
 L-kun is 3 but he is tall, he is as tall as Ebi-kun so sometimes he comes over as being clumsy but I think really he is just a 3 year old and appears clumsier because he is so big. It was interesting to watch him working with the practical life activities and doing it so carefully.
 The puzzles were a big hit, M2-chan did all of the ones on the shelf.
 K2-kun preparing a snack
 The children's seemed more sociable this time and took the snack together.
 and here is the finished mural with all the dinosaurs stuck on. Dinosaurs is a great way to motivate the kids so we will be preparing some more activities for next time. 

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