Friday 21 January 2011

a long shot...

I am looking for some hemostats and I hear that doctors/surgeons throw them out on a regular basis, so I was just wondering if any of you happen to be a doctor or know a doctor who has a couple of pairs that they would like to donate to a poor crafter (that would be me!)
I will happily pay for the postage, I want them for turning and stuffing dolls and softies.


  1. we used to have these all over the house when i was growing up. i always thought i'd finally found the scissors, only to be disappointed. ha! i'll see if we still have any hanging around. how many would you want?

  2. I can't help much, but they are also used for fishing, so maybe a fishing supply store is a place you can check. One of the first things my mom gave my to complete my sewing kit besides the regular basics was a pair of hemostats. So handy!!
    There are some cheap ones here:

  3. Harbor Freight also sells various sizes cheaply. And they have an online store.

  4. cheers guys!
    J if you find any, I only need a couple of pairs. ta xxx


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