Saturday 22 January 2011

New Years Eve

We spent New Years at Di's and had a lot of silly fun. Di and Rob are music lovers and have loads of vinyl, Ebi-kun has never really seen record before so Rob gave him a lesson of how it all works, at least now he can grasp the concept of a broken record.
Di's friend Sarah came round with her two little ones, her eldest is like a whirlwind and talks sixty to the dozen, I think this was possibly one of the quieter moments, it was cute all three playing together.
 Last time we visited we played 'Rock Band' (I hope I have got that right!) so Ebi-kun decided we had to play again whether anyone else wanted to or not - obviously daddy-ebi was enjoying it just as much as the little drummer boy.

 Once the kids were in bed we had cheese fondue for dinner, it turned into a surreal 70's night with Di donning 'the catsuit' which used to be my grans
 and the rest of us dressed in odd clothes and wigs
 I love this picture of the guys, Daddy-ebi looks ridiculous with a tache. It was a good night in, we had planned to go to the pub in pairs but I am glad we didn't bother, too much to drink and playing games was a much better idea.


  1. seems like it was lot of fun! sometimes you don't need much to have a good NYE party: good food and wine and good friends! ;)

  2. great night in and you have now given me a craving for cheese fondu.


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