Tuesday 8 February 2011

Choco bananas and Muffin Tin Dinners

Choco bananas, I don't know why we haven't made these for a while, I forgot how good they are! If you want to know how to make them Ebi-kun shows you how here
and I also made a muffin tin dinner last night, first time for ages too but that is because Ebi-kun now has lunch at yochien and we have been eating dinner together at night, it was good to revisit an old fav.
From the top left:
mini tomatoes, taco wieners, broccoli, more mini tomatoes
daigako imo*, sweet black beans, daigako imo, strawberries
choco banana, red and yellow pepper x 2 and more choco banana

*daigako imo are thick sweet potato chips (fries) fried then covered in a sweet sticky sauce, ohh soooo good but not so good for your teeth - think toffee apple coating!

I really should learn to make something other than octopus sausages, I can't help it though, they just make me laugh...


  1. Oooh, LOVE the muffin tin idea. Might have to try that this weekend. What did you use to draw your tako faces?? super super cute. Mine are always face-less and I think would be so much better received if they were smiling or looking surprised! I tried a tombo recently and I think a snail or kabutomushi is next to try.

  2. my mate sent me some food pens from the UK, which is what I used on the faces. I used to use a paper punch and nori, bit of a faff though.
    You have to try the MTD, it is so easy just to grab any ole stuff out of the fridge, stick some cute picks in it and taa-daa - one fancy (in kids eyes) dinner!

  3. The octopus sausages are super cute.

  4. My daughter calls them "Beautiful Lunches" whenever I do Muffin Tin Meals or Bento. She eats healthier and eats more too!
    Love the octopus dogs! I've oly ever done long ones. The short ones are much cuter!

  5. I love chocolate bananas. They are delicious frozen too. I wonder if my girls would like them. Worth a try!

  6. OH chocolate bananas are a favorite around here! Great tin!

  7. I have never tried the octopus sausages before but they look very cute in your tin!


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