Tuesday 8 February 2011

Final box fun....

The boxes got moved outside, which means the house actually looks like a home again, not a packing room! Ebi-kun had all weekend playing with them, you can tell he is raised in Japan, he took off his shoes before getting in the box!
 Later he got his pens out and made some friends, the smaller one doesn't look very happy because he knows that daddy-ebi was on his way out to squash the all up ready for recycling day....ahhhhh
The living room is livable again, we still need to make a bookcase and I want to make some new cushions and curtains, might take me a while to get round to that though.


  1. Hi Jo! First time poster but long time lurker here.
    I just LOVE your blog and reading about Ebi-kun and your life here.

    Remember to post before and after pictures of your living room!

    (are the boxes all gone? Poor Ebi-kun!)

  2. Well this looks like a super fun box "playground" and I like the smiley faces on them!

  3. Very cool! I love how a box can do so much :)


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