Monday 7 March 2011

He made it...

Despite waking up with both eyes glued together, Ebi-kun put on a brave face and did his show at yochien! It was lovely when we arrived, one of his classmates saw him and shouted his name so they all went running up to him to check his was OK and would be doing the show, it must have given him a big boost knowing that all his friends had been missing him.
We didn't get a video of the first dance because we were in a rubbish spot, right behind the professional camera man, we ordered the video anyway. Obviously we are novices at the whole thing since it appears that you have to be camped out, waiting for the doors to open to get yourself a good place! For the second piece, Ebi-kun had the lead role as the duck hunter, Daddy-ebi got to watch it with the video camera up on the balcony, I had to wait down by the stage so I could help clean the stage after he had done his bit.
For those who don't speak Japanese The story... Gonbei-san is a duck hunter, he wants to catch 100 ducks in one day so he can have a holiday and not do any work. He gets a good idea! He sets a trap to catch the ducks and he catches 99 but.... he gets pulled up into the clouds by the ducks and he changes into a duck and he gets caught but the ducks help his escape. He thanks all the ducks and promises not to catch them anymore and he will be a farmer and work hard.

Considering how poorly he is, he did really well, he crashed when we got home, totally exhausted, I think he was surviving on adrenaline most of the day!


  1. Well done - a thespian in the family at last.

  2. Gen and I were very impressed with Ebi-kun!! Well done!

  3. Congratulations on a job well done! The play was wonderful, and I love how it was choreographed, and Ebi-kun did a wonderful job - what a trooper!

  4. That was awesome! Well done Ebi-kun!

  5. Well done Ebi-kun, I really enjoyed that. I thought that the bit where he was turned into a duck was especially good.


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