Friday 4 March 2011

oh no!

Last night Ebi-kun ate about a quarter of his dinner then went and threw it up. At some point in the night he crawled into our bed, he got up in the morning saying he still felt sick plus his eye is all gunked up. So, he is off yochien today which means he misses the last rehearsal before the show, we have to go in tomorrow to get everything set up but I don't think they practice. I hope that what ever he has got clears up, I am pretty sure they don't have an understudy!
I still have 2 patterns to finish writing up for the art show, I managed to get some photos done for the covers yesterday, I can see today will mean lots of cuddles on the sofa and sewing buttons on pouches for me.


  1. Arrghhh, poor ebi-kun. Get better soon sweetie. The stage awaits.


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