Wednesday 30 March 2011

How To Make A Business Card Stand...

with Lego!
I was planning to share this after the art show but since it never happened and I don't know when it will, I thought I might as well share it now. I wanted a fun way to display my business cards, something that fit the theme of the show which was Children and Rainbows. I started playing around with Lego and this is what I came up with, simple but effective.

punch two holes in one of your cards. I have a Muji Lego punch which
works great for the job but with a bit of fiddling you could use a regular hole punch. 
Then push a piece of Lego from the back, through the holes and
push the second Lego piece onto the  back piece

Then it stands up, like so!
Of course, once you start you will probably end up with a whole design
feature, just to display your business cards....
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