Sunday 13 March 2011

How To Make The Donation

After spending most of yesterday morning trying to find a suitable charity for the donations to go to I decided on Global Giving, they will spread the donations between the various organisations that are working with the search and clean up effort.

At the end of the donation process you will be given a receipt number, you will need this if you enter a raffle, please only use your receipt number once, you can enter raffles as many times as you like but you need to get a new receipt number for each entry, tis only fair! I recommend printing out your receipt, you will also be emailed a receipt.

The process shown is for paying using PayPal, you can pay via credit card too. For credit card payments you are have a page with your billing details and credit card info to fill in. I assume at some stage you will be asked for an email address.

OK, first check whether you are supposed to be bidding in US$ or GB₤ the blogger will have it in their post. Follow the link in the post you are bidding on to Global Giving. Click GIVE NOW, it will take you to a new page, you can fill in the amount you want to donate, press update.

Next page, check the amount in the box is right and then click Paypal or Credit Card, this example shows the Paypal method..

If it applies to you click the giftaid box then CONTINUE

Fill in your Paypal login address and password then click LOG IN

Check everything is right, click CONTINUE

final check, your donation will not be made until you click COMPLETE DONATION

Final page, this is your receipt, I recommend printing it off, you will be emailed a receipt too. The number in the red box is your receipt number, when entering a raffle you need to put this number in the comment along with your email address. If you have win an auction then you need to send a copy of the receipt to the person running the auction you won, as proof of payment along with your mailing address. If you do not do so within 48 hours then the item will go to the second highest bidder.

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  1. I would like to do something to help. Not sure what. Contact me if you think there is anything I can do.

    I will definitely try to donate and participate in the raffles, even if that is all I can do.

    You are amazing- glad you guys are safe.


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